Corey Joyner

In 2018 I trained for a half marathon to add cardio to my crossfit class routine. Discovered runner's high and I haven't looked back since! Hit the BQ mark this year (2022) at the Chevron Houston Marathon with a time of 2:56:37. Scheduled to apply and run in the 2023 Boston Marathon!

What excites me the most about the sport is how much it resembles real life. The same structure you need to run your best times, is the same discipline required to grow in other key aspects of life. I also love the running community. I do not believe I would have continued this far in the sport without connecting with so many runners over the past few years.

The sport of running truly has opened my eyes to the world of consistency overtime. I had never really stuck to a health and workout regime like I have with this sport, for this long. I will recommend if anyone is struggling with this like I did, to challenge yourself to keep showing up for 1 month, then 3, then a year and watch how Big Mo' (momentum) will show up for you! Trust the Process!

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