Thanayi Henry

About 20 years ago, I started running on a treadmill at a local gym. However, after reading the book (while running on the treadmill), “Make the Connection”, by Oprah Winfrey and hearing that Ms. Winfrey completed a marathon, I was intrigued. I was so motivated to run a marathon, like her, that I started running outdoors on my own. However, in time I began to build a “distant-run family” with 3-5 female friends from my church. That year (~2004), I completed my first marathon (The BayState Marathon- Lowell, MA) with one of my friends in the group.

I am so grateful to be running my 1st Boston Marathon this year (on April 15th)!!

The monumental, positive health and emotional gains I have harvested excites me the most about running! About 10-12 years ago, when I stopped running due to health issues and an injury, I gained a significant amount of weight. However, during the pandemic and the past 2 years, I lost 100 lbs by lifting weights and working out. I started to regain my passion for running when I joined The Road To Wellness 5K Program sponsored by HoodFit, The BAA and The Dimock Center (Roxbury, MA) in the summer of 2023. While running now, my time and mind is converted to a place of gratefulness, prayer and peaceful reflections.

In addition, at my last doctor visit, she deleted many health issues off my medical chart, including:
-Extreme Obesity

With these health items deleted from my life, I noticed I have the motivation and energy to pursue and capture new goals! One goal I started since the summer of 2023, was to run at least one race a month (5k, 10K or ½)-- with a total of 12 races completed as of Feb. 2024.

START where you are today! Even if you can only walk or run 2 blocks, please begin now! Do not worry about what others may say or compare yourself to others.
(When I was overweight, I thought I had to wait and lose weight, before I could run in public again. That is one of my regrets.)

CELEBRATE every small victory!!

When I lost 1 pound, kept 5 pounds off (during a plateau), was able to jog around the track 1 time or completed my first 5K race, I learned not to minimize the accomplishment or moment.

(So often, we say to ourselves, “I ONLY did _____” or “I can’t do ______ like the other person”. However, when I celebrated and acknowledged each mini-step towards my goal, I started to watch the little conquests build to enormous victories.)

Embrace “The POWER of YET”!!

As I was teaching my First Grade students Growth Mindset for Learning and “The Power of Yet”, I stumbled upon a way of thinking that would change my mindfulness journey. In essence, “The Power of Yet” means to realize that you may not have achieved your dream YET, but to know through perseverance and correcting mistakes, the goal is possible. I have used this phrase so many times, such as: “I may have not run a ½ marathon YET, but since I can now run a 10K, I know I will build up to it.”

I encourage you to embrace using “The Power of YET” in your own mindfulness moments!

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